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A Note To My Sister for Epilepsy Awareness Day

I was only Nine when you suddenly took all of our parents attention, time and worry, I didn’t understand why or what was going on I didn’t understand why I felt like you was the favourite child all of a sudden, why Mum was taking you out all the time and spent hours on the computer and phone, as I got older and heard the word Epilepsy more I realised you wasn’t the favourite, that of cause will never be true haha, but I realised you went out with mum all the time to Doctors and Hospital appointments, mum spent hours researching epilepsy you was only seventeen I now understand it was to help and protect you.

When you was first diagnosed and missed out on the fun part of experiencing clubs and girly holidays and trips out you was actually at home trying to stabilise your medication, the medication that was making you sick and laying you up in bed for days, mum was on the phone speaking to anyone that would listen that this medication isn’t suiting her daughter, her hours paid off she drove you miles to see a top specialist who changed all your medication and you became your old self within a few months, I got to spend more time annoying our parents while you found a new lease of life and was never home, since then you have become one of the most head strong Independent people I know you travel the world and certainly made up on girly trips away you even moved out at 19, which actually I missed having you around,You do things that amaze us all as a family and we couldn’t be more proud of you, your driving still scares me, your still always early when given a time and your never home when we want to pop over to see you and Mark but you’re the best big sister I could of ask for, I don’t think I will ever fully understand Epilepsy but I am so glad I done some research so that I could understand a little about it, don’t be afraid by it just be as supportive as you can.

Love Tim your big little brother

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