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Breast Cancer Awareness Interview with Destinée Myers, Miss Orlando Universal Global

Can you introduce yourself?

Destinée Myers, Miss Orlando Universal Global currently serves the Director of sponsors for Miss Global USA/ Miss Universal Global. In addition, Miss Myers runs her own digital marketing platform and magazine, “Pageant Diaries” and “CoutureBoss”. CoutureBoss features current and former Pageant Queens who model custom couture jewelry designed by Miss Myers. In February 2021, Teen Miss FL Earth USA modeled jewelry designed by CoutureBoss during NYFW 2021. Additionally, this exclusive jewelry line was modeled by America Achievement 2021 during the 2021 Miss Universe pageant. Miss Myers is currently finishing her Bachelors degree in Marketing at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. Destinée has also walked in Miami Swim Week 2022 for Water Vixen Swim. Likewise, Miss Myers has a passion for helping shed light on sexual harassment, violence and trauma as a social media ambassador for PAVE. Miss Orlando Universal Global has a heart to empower women to achieve their purpose and God-given “Divine- Design”.

Why did you choose your platform of breast cancer? Or How has breast cancer affected you?

My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. The doctors for rid of her tumors. However, they came back and she has to have a double mastectomy.

What have you been doing to promote breast cancer awareness?

I post information about getting mammograms and how to detect breast cancer early on my social media’s.

Why is raising awareness of breast cancer so important?

This cancer can be prevented by doing your family research and getting yearly mammograms.

Is there a particular charity you support in regards to breast cancer?

Susan G. Komen and my pageant system participates in breast cancer drives.

Interviewed by Charlotte Lister - Ms Diamond UK

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