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Breast Cancer Awareness Interview with Hannah Lucy Brennan Ms Lincolnshire Atlantic United Kingdom

Can you introduce yourself?

Hello everybody! I am Hannah Lucy Brennan and I am Ms Lincolnshire Atlantic United Kingdom, I’m 30 years old and I’m a full time carer for the elderly who suffer with dementia.

Why did you choose your platform of breast cancer? Or How has breast cancer affected you?

So, my platform is MIND but I do like to raise awareness as much as I can for breast cancer for a couple of reasons. So, my grandma lost her battle a very long time ago to this awful disease. At the start of 2021, I was being investigated at my drs and hospital for breast cancer. Luckily the lump I found and had looked into wasn’t anything to worry about but it did mean I got some more answers. It was found that I had BCRA1 genes which means I have 7/10 chances of breast cancer. The most proactive solution is to have a mastectomy at some point when the time is right.

What have you been doing to promote breast cancer awareness?

I was really open about my journey once I had my answers, I felt like that what I had been told was something that needed to be talked about openly. I remember Angela Jolie a couple of years ago being really open about her test and results. I feel like like social media at this time, is the best way to spread the word and spreading my journey will help a lot of other women and even men, think more sensibly about going doctors.

Why is raising awareness of breast cancer so important?

t’s absolutely important because at the end of the day, there simply isn’t a cure that works 100% and the few treatments out there are just as volatile and exhausting as maybe dealing with cancer itself. More awareness, more fundraising, more solutions!

Is there a particular charity you support in regards to breast cancer?

I could never pinpoint a charity for anything as everyone plays a special part in finding answers. As long as the charity is reputable and sincere, please try donate pennies or time to them 🙂 xxx

Interviewed by Charlotte Lister - Ms Diamond UK

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