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Breast Cancer Awareness Interview with Ms Diamond UK

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Charlotte Lister I'm the current Ms Diamond UK, editor of Crowns and Sashes Magazine and I also volunteer for my local children's hospice.

Why did you choose your platform of breast cancer? Or How has breast cancer affected you?

My platform is cancer awareness and end of life care which covers all aspects of cancer. This is due to losing 4 of my grandparents to cancer and my auntie and dad being a cancer survivor.

My aunt had breast cancer twice and I also had a breast cancer scare after finding a lump in breast luckily after a scan it was found to be nothing serious.

What have you been doing to promote breast cancer awareness?

I try to raise awareness of all cancers but I have previously taken part in Cancer Research Race for Life and last year I created a breast cancer campaign with the help of a number of pageant queens, this year I am raising awareness of breast cancer by sharing interviews like mine.

Why is raising awareness of breast cancer so important?

Raising awareness of all cancer is important as early diagnosis is the key, It's about knowing your body and noticing any changes if anything isn't normal for you then see your GP.

Is there a particular charity you support in regards to breast cancer?

I have always supported Cancer Research UK as well as my local children's hospice and hospital. My magazine Crowns and Sashes is now supporting Coppafeel which is a breast cancer charity in the UK.

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