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Breast Cancer Awareness Interview with Tatjana Kusnercuk - Ms North Lincolnshire Galaxy

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Tatjana Kusnercuk. I live in north Lincolnshire. I am 39 yr old. I have a beautiful Christmas look after then on my own. Every single lady know it is hard job bring up children on your own but I want give them good memories spending time together growing, I want give the best childhood. I teach them how be polite, great full, respectful towards me as a parent.

Why did you choose your platform of breast cancer? Or How has breast cancer affected you?

Because my mum passed away by breast cancel I decided donate some money and safe women life’s

What have you been doing to promote breast cancer awareness?

Cancer is very serious disease. Finding fun ways to promote awareness has been extremely effective. Breast cancel is the most commonly diagnosed and the second-most fatal cancer in woman , after lung cancer. Source. As such you along with most companies (especially hospitals health organisations) and they like want to show to support to promoting information , prevention ideas and awareness of the cause.

Why is raising awareness of breast cancer so important?

Very important not to have breast cancel because as a woman need a produce a milk and feed baby with healthy milk. To grow up quicker, mum breastfeeding the best for baby lots of vitamins good for development brain, vision, bones .

Interviewed by Charlotte Lister Ms Diamond UK

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