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Childhood Cancer Awareness Interview with Dianne Gibbons - Natural Beauty Wales 2022 Finalist

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Dianne Gibbons and I am a Finalist for Natural Beauty Wales 2022, I was previously Ms Great British Beauty 2019-2021.

Why did you choose your platform of Children's Cancer?

Children's cancer has a negative impact on the families and the communities that we live in,children are the life of our community and the future of our planet, there health is important.

What have you been doing to promote your platform of Children's Cancer?

I have spread awareness of the impact of cancer on families, and raising funds into researching advancing treatments. I have been collecting for specific hospital packs to help children and families who face a rapid admission to hospital.

Why is raising awareness of Children's Cancer so important to you?

Any cancer is saddening to family and friends and losing a loved one to cancer has major ramifications, 💔 to lose a child to cancer severely impacts the family and the siblings.

Is there a particular charity you support into Children's Cancer?

I support Giddo's Gift which is a local charity that provide grants and urgent items for a child or young adult suffering from cancer. The charity is named after a young man who sadly passed away, and it is run by the family to raise awareness of the rare forms of cancer.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions and to help raise awareness of children's cancer.

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