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Children’s Cancer Awareness Interview with Daisy Junior Miss Natural Beauty Finalist Wales

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is daisy and I'm junior miss natural beauty finalist Wales

Why did you choose your platform of children’s cancer?

My director chose children's cancer as our pageant platform to raise awareness and fundraising, my grandad died off cancer just before I was born, my other platform is animals and saving our oceans as I‘m very passionate about sharks and want to be a marine biologist

What have you been doing to promote your platform?

I have helped mainly raise money for 2 different cancer charities _ glan clwyd cancer unit and giddos gift, I've also done some fundraising for the Christie Cancer unit in Manchester where my grandad was. We are also preparing a giddos snack box for the cancer unit.

Why is raising awareness of children’s cancer so important?

I think it's important to raise awareness because it can happen to anyone and it's import to know the signs so catch it early on.

Is there a particular charity you support in regards to children’s cancer?

I currently fundraise primarily for giddos gift children and young adult cancer charity

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