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Children’s Cancer Awareness Interview with Ms Diamond U.K. - Charlotte Lister

Can you introduce yourself? My name is Charlotte Lister and I’m the reigning Ms Diamond U.K.

Why did you choose your platform of children’s cancer?

My platform is about raising awareness of all cancers as well as end of life care, this is due to a number of family members passing away from different types of cancer and a couple of family members being cancer survivor.

What have you been doing to promote your platform?

To promote my platform I have created a number of online videos to help raise awareness of cancer such as Smear 4 Smear, Queens wearing facial hair to promote men’s cancer and for world cancer day I highlighted a number of less common known cancers with the help of the pageant community. Some of these campaigns were also featured in Crowns and Sashes Magazine.

I also donated a number of Wigs to a local cancer charity which are then loaned out to women who lose there hair due to chemotherapy.

During lockdown I also created a mini series called Cancer Chats with Charlotte where I interviewed 10 queens about there experience with Cancer and I have continued this with Crowns and Sashes Awareness Interviews.

In lockdown I also completed a Level 2 Course in Understanding Cancer Support & a Level 2 Course in End of Life Care.

In the run up to the Ms Diamond U.K. final I highlighted 100 different types of cancer to help raise more awareness.

Why is raising awareness of children’s cancer so important?

Raising awareness of all cancers is important and that’s why I also ask people to know there body and if there are changes that are not normal for them then they need to see there GP as early diagnosis is key !

Is there a particular charity you support in regards to children’s cancer?

I support a number of charities including Bluebell Wood Children‘s Hospice, Sheffield’s Children‘s Hospital and Cancer Research U.K.

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