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Crowns and Sashes Magazine Creator Charlotte Lister Wins Ms Diamond UK

After a long two and a half years our editor Charlotte Lister finally took the Miss Diamond UK stage to represent South Yorkshire and we are thrilled to announce she took home the crown.

Charlotte applied in 2019 to Miss Diamond United Kingdom after following the system since it came to the U.K. in 2016 and was awarded the title of Ms Diamond South Yorkshire 2019-2020 but due the pandemic her regional reign was extended.

Charlotte entered the Diamond system because of the ethos they have and how all women can be empowered through pageantry as it doesn't discriminate against age, size, height or material status.

Since getting her first diamond sash in 2019 she has worked hard to raise awareness of her platform and system. During the two and a half years she has made over 600 appearances and raised over £2600 for various charities.

She had to move so many of my projects such as Crowns and Sashes Magazine forward due to the pandemic but it helped her raise over £1700 for the Samaritans as well as sharing hundreds of pageant interviews. Charlotte has a number of other plans regarding Crowns and Sashes and these will be released over the next few months.

Over the Diamond Weekend Charlotte also won:-

  • Ms Spokesmodel

  • Ms Swimwear Model

  • Ms Style Queen

  • Ms Diamond Spirit

  • Ms Diamond Charity

As Charlotte has won Ms Diamond UK she will be representing the U.K. in Vegas next year at Regency International along with the other UK winners. The dates of Regency International are yet to be confirmed but is normally around July.

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