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Eco Interview with Alexandra Mount - Miss Eco United Kingdom 2021 & Miss Environmental UK Finalist

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Alexandra Mount, 24

Grand finalist in Miss Eco United Kingdom 2021 and Miss Environment United Kingdom 2021.

What was the reason you chose an Eco platform?

I actually was asked to try a sustainable fashion company years ago and started doing my own research on fast fashion from there. I found out how bad the world of fast fashion was for our planet and that's when skvngr was born!

Since then, I have been fully involved in the sustainability community not just in fashion and am always finding new ways to make my life more eco-friendly. I now want to inspire others to spend the time to look for more sustainable options and share my own swaps for the Earth with everyone!

What eco projects have you been doing during your reign?

I actually launched the slow fashion company @skvngruk in 2019 which specialises in preloved and upcycled clothing with the aim to reduce the amount of textile waste ending up in landfill each year.

During my time as a finalist I have launched the #teesfortreesproject collection (on skvngr) where each tee sold, plants one tree. Each shirt has been sustainably upcycled with tie-dye being the current trend!

I have also just launched the @saynotonewproject which encourages people to boycott buying non sustainable clothes each month and helps teach people about the dangers of fast fashion.

I was delighted to be made an Engagement Manager for @hashtagsustainablesundays which I love and get to engage so much with the eco community!

I recently collaborated with 4Ocean in a global ocean clean-up in honor of 'world ocean day' (photos will be released soon)!

This June, I launched two virtual medals on skvngr which not only help you but also the environment! There is a 5K which plants five trees and a 10K that pulls a pound of trash from the ocean. I already have ideas for new medals that are attached to different environmental causes!

I always look to get involved in eco, sustainable and vegan campaigns and so far have been a part of; meatless march mondays, one swap for earth, on wednesdays we wear green, who made my clothes, #picktocleanup, #onechangefortheocean and #groundzero

July in the U.K. is plastic free month. It's in place to highlight the harm of single use plastic and encourages people to go plastic free for the whole month. How will you be doing this in July?

I am always changing my routine to become more eco-friendly and so far am proud to say that the majority of my daily use items have already been swapped for a more sustainable option!

Some of my sustainable and plastic-free swaps include; a refillable deodorant, bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste tablets, bamboo cotton swabs, shampoo bar, bamboo make-up remover cloths, shower gel bar, a completely natural and vegan skincare routine and even bamboo loo rolls!

I'll be using this plastic free July to find even more ways to be sustainable and hopefully be able to make even more additions to my own lifestyle. I'll be sharing my own swaps as always on my @eco.lexi instagram!

Why is reducing plastic use so important to you and our environment?

We only have one planet and with the way things are we are completely abusing it by using countless resources and spreading pollution. Plastic is one of the biggest polluters due to how it's manufactured and how most types cannot be recycled or biodegrade. This causes endless amounts of plastic to end up in landfill and in the ocean.

That's why I pride myself on being an eco ambassador and want to encourage others to begin their own sustainable journeys so that our world has a chance to recover. Let's inspire the next generation!

Having a plastic free awareness month is amazing but we should be doing this more, as well as other ways to help protect the environment. Can you give us your top tips on how to be eco friendly?

  1. Do your research! It's surprising to find out how many companies are still unethical by not paying their workers a fair wage or testing on animals. By doing some quick research you can avoid supporting them and look for companies with eco-friendly and overall better values.

  2. Reduce your consumption! Try to only buy what you need to reduce waste and lower your overall consumption of resources.

  3. You can start to reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting. I am an ambassador for TreeApp which helps me to offset my footprint everyday by planting a tree for free!

  4. Recycle as much as you can and think about starting your own compost pile for food scraps and biodegradable materials! This helps send less waste to landfill.

  5. Support the slow fashion movement! Instead of buying new clothes from fast fashion brands opt for thrifting, renting, borrowing, upcycling or organic!

  6. Follow other like minded eco people! The eco community is a great one, full of friendly people that just want to save our planet. Everyone is always happy to help, teach and give their own tips so never be afraid to ask!

  7. You can follow me @eco.lexi and @saynotonewproject for even more tips!

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