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Eco interview with Jayne Warburton - Miss Classic Diamond Lancashire 2021

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi everyone my name is Jayne Warburton and I am Miss Classic Diamond Lancashire 2021.

What was the reason you chose an Eco platform?

I chose an Eco platform because from an early age I was interested in the world around me and the beauty of nature. My Dad was head gardener at the hospital where I was born and growing up he taught me so much about caring for the environment. My Nan also was a keen naturalist and as a child she would take me to museums, gardens and zoo's to learn about all the interesting things our planet has to offer. I am in awe of nature and what it has to offer us which is why I want to do as much as I can to educate about it.

What eco projects have you been doing during your reign?

I started Green Queen's when I joined Miss Diamond and one of the first things I did was to get as many people involved as possible for my campaign sending seeds to them all so we cound make a little bit of our country green and do our bit to help combat climate change under #plantbritain a campaign started by Countryfile. I also post regular tips and information on a number of Eco and environmental issues.

July in the U.K. is plastic free month it’s in place to highlight the harm of single use plastic and encourages people to go plastic free for the whole month. How will you be doing this in July?

In July for Plastic free month I will be posting information all about plastic, recycling and how we can all make small changes that will collectively make a massive change to our communities. Things like taking a reusable cup for your morning coffee or reusing that plastic water bottle instead of throwing it away. Taking a reusable bag for your shopping instead of always buying throw away plastic bags.

Why is reducing plastic use so important to you and our environment?

We only have one planet and it is home to not just us but all the amazing animal and plant life , it is a delicate eco system all working in harmony. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists in our world, plastic polution poses a significant threat to our environment. Single use plastics are manufactured to last forever yet we often use them for only a few minutes before we throw them away.Plastics dont break down, they break up, becoming a permenant pollutant in our environment and that scares me.

Having a plastic free awareness month is amazing but we should be doing this more, as well as other ways to help protect the environment.

Can you give us your top tips on how to be eco friendly?

My tips for being more plastic aware and using less are: Use fabric or reusable bags for shopping etc, there are some beautiful ones out there or why not make your own? Where possible use reusable cups and bottles to reduce your plastic waste. Keep all you use for a week and see just how much we do actually waste, you will be surprised and it will make you aware of just how much we collectively use! Try to buy loose produce at the supermarket and use the paper bags for it instead of the plastic ones. Research on line about plastics and how you can help. Together we can start to make a difference.

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