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Interview with Chardonnay Ollivierre – Miss Caribbean U.K. 2020 Finalist

Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions about your pageant journey for my pageant lockdown blog it’s lovely getting to know fellow pageant queens and more about the systems that they represent.

Can you introduce yourself?

My Name is Chardonnay Ollivierre, I’m 21 years old and currently Miss Caribbean UK 2020 Finalist.

Why did you start entering pageants ?

I initially entered my first ever pageant, Miss Teen Great Britain, in 2015, for pure fun. At the time I did not believe in myself to even make it to the finals, but surprising myself I did as Miss Teen Croydon 2015. This experience was surreal and the beginning of my pageant journey! I met so many beautiful girls inside and out and have remained friends with such wonderful people. After this pageant I had a little break decided to enter Miss Caribbean UK 2019. So far this has been my favourite pageant as the love and unity is overwhelming. Unfortunately a week prior to the 2019 finals I had an injury, and could just about walk for the finals. I still competed, putting my whole heart and soul into it all, but I am back with a bang this year!

What made you enter Miss Caribbean U.K.?

My nan who sadly passed away in May 2018 wanted to come to the next pageant I competed in. Though with her sudden loss, I dropped out. I found Miss Caribbean UK and decided I would see it through for many reasons, but one being to make her proud.

What’s the best thing that pageants have taught you ?

I would have to say the best thing that pageants have taught me, is to always be yourself inside and out. The best quality of a person is authenticity and it is beautiful when you see that.

What’s your pageant platform and why?

My platform is to widen the discussion of mental health. This is something very close to my heart as I have had my own journey with anxiety and depression. By doing this particular pageant I want to be the voice of many and relatable but most of all show that no matter how hard your current situation is, you can do it. Mental health issues have no image being a pageant girl displays this and having made that journey I’m hoping to prove to anyone who is struggling to make progress towards their dreams, that they can do it.

What’s your dream title?

My absolute dream title is Miss Caribbean UK 2020.

If you were to win Miss Caribbean U.K. 2020 what would it mean to you?

To win this pageant would mean more than words can describe. This is my second year entering, and as I was unable to compete to my full ability, this year means so much. To be able to show people that if you work hard for something you can achieve it, to also make my mum proud, and finally show my Nan watching over me that I was able to do it.

What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens?

My best advice would be to enjoy every second. Give it your all, grab every opportunity and make the most of being a finalist, as time goes so quickly, when the finals come, you blink and it is all over.

What have you been doing in the run up to your pageant final ?

With the current global situation, I have had to put a couple of appearances and fundraising opportunities on hold until I am able to do them again. However I have released a blog on my journey with mental health and writing about my experiences with therapists, after therapy and coping and managing anxiety and depression.

What’s your favourite pageant appearance so far?

My favourite ever appearance was back in 2015 as Miss Teen Croydon, I was interviewed by my local radio station. It was my first time on radio, I was incredibly nervous but it was such a fun experience.

Has the lockdown due to COVID19 affected your pageant journey?

I would say that covid-19 has effected my pageant journey in terms of cancelling appearances and fundraising opportunities planned, however it has allowed me to focus on my mental health journey blog, which I have had a crazy amount of incredible feedback with. Additionally it has given me the chance to plan properly and create new ways to fundraise at home.

What makes a good pageant role model?

I believe a good pageant role model is approachable, relatable, empathetic, bubbly and honest.

What’s your favourite pageant round ?

Evening wear is my most favourite round! I love seeing everyone dressed up looking stunning, I love the slow glamorous walk, the jewellery the makeup!

How do you deal with pageant nerves ?

Personally I practice meditation daily. This isn’t generally to tackle pageant nerves but it certainly helps your self awareness and be able to centre your emotions in different situations. With my injury last year I was so embarrassed to be on stage hobbling with a bandage on my knee, and by the end of it I had no nerves and was completely relaxed and this has definitely impacted my pageant nerves! Now I’m super calm!

Social Media Links

Instagram is: @Chardaz Twitter: @Chardonnay__x WordPress:

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions about your pageant journey it’s been lovely getting to know you and your platform better. I wish you all the best at the final much love Ms Diamond South Yorkshire 2020.

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