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Interview with Georgia the current Junior Miss Crown and Glory UK 2019/2020

Thank you so much Georgia for having this interview with me, your my first junior interview so I’m very excited to learn about your journey and more about Miss Crown and Glory U.K.

Georgia’s crowning moment

Firstly can you tell us why you decided to compete in pageants ?

I entered pageants because my friends were talking about them and I asked my mum.

Why did you decide to compete in Junior Miss Crown and Glory U.K. ?

I choose to compete in crown and glory because I got a bit disheartened after natural beauty and my friend Glesni said that I needed to carry on and that I should join crown and glory. So I did.

What have pageants taught you ?

Pageants have taught me that you can be sisters and best friends and that not everything revolves around looks.

Can you tell us about what you have been doing since you were crowned ?

I have stuck to raising funds for Abbies Army, which helps fund vital research into DIPG, which is a form of childhood cancer that has no cure and very little research.

What’s it like being a real life queen ?

Striking a pose !

It is hard work being a queen in real life, because people are asking why I do pageants, as they don’t understand the commitment to the community and fundraising that we undertake.

What’s the best thing about being Junior Miss Crown and Glory ?

My favourite bit of being a queen is socialising at pageant events and the friendships that are made.

What do you do when your not in “pageant land” ?

I don’t have any hobbies out of pageants but I enjoy eating sweets and watching riverdale and Benidorm

Are you going to continue competing and what’s your dream title ?

Yes I will be continuing with pageants and I want to become Miss Universe.

How did you feel when your name was said as the new Junior Miss Crown and Glory U.K. ?

When I won crown and glory, it was amazing. I was excited to carry on representing the system.

Who’s your pageant role model ?

I can’t narrow it down to one person but Kathryn Ozymaya is Brill and Antlanta (pure UK sweetheart).

What’s your favourite pageant round ?

My favourite round is fun fashion.

Have you worn your crown and sash to school ?

Yes honestly I have three times, they were very enthusiastic to hear about it. My teacher just said Wow.

What do your parents think about you being a pageant queen ?

My dad is really proud of me, and so is my mum..

Thank you so much for this interview I can’t wait to follow your pageant journey much love Charlotte, Ms Diamond South Yorkshire 2020

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