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Interview with Great British Beauty 2019-2020 – Dianne Gibbons

Firstly thank you for agreeing to the interview with me. So Dianne what’s the reason you decided to enter pageants ?

My reason for entering pageants was to give my self some confidence I have always struggled with anxiety around people.

What pageants have you previously competed in ?

Great british beauty was my first ever attempt at a title, after only entering one charity pageant previously.

To me great british beauty represented where I wanted to be, it was local to me and the fundraising was for a local animal charity that I was very happy to support.

Being part of the wider pageant family has allowed me to support other people and other systems and I have enjoyed meeting lots of people who have always been friendly and welcoming.

Can you tell us about you pageant platform ?

My pageant platform has always been supporting animal charities as they are frequently forgotten.

Do you have a dream title that your aiming for?

I don’t have a dream title, I love to compete and with every competition I meet more people who I wish to aspire to be. If I were to win again, I would represent the system 100%, and be very proud of myself and my fellow queen’s.

Do you have any advice for current or future queens out there ?

If I had to give one piece of advise it would be be yourself, if you are happy with yourself you will project yourself as happy and the confidence will show to the judges and the crowd.

What do you think makes a good role model ?

A good pageant role model is someone who supports all systems equally and represents her system with dignity and prowess.

What’s your favourite round ?

My favourite pageant round is interview, you have a chance to show your self in a private situation and explain why you choose to do what you have done.

Do you get pageant nerves and if so how do you deal with them ?

I get very bad pageant nerves, especially in between rounds. In my finals I struggled when I went into the changing room every time but I got changed a few deep breaths and a lot of people saying come on you can do this.

Thank you I much for agreeing to be interviewed it’s been lovely reading your story and more about the system you represent, I’ll look forward to following the rest of your pageant journey in the future. Much love Charlotte Ms Diamond South Yorkshire 2020.

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