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Interview with Kimberly Porter who is a Miss Voluptuous 2020 Finalist

So firstly can you tell us why what made you decide to enter the world of pageants ?

I went to couple of Scarlett and Jo events, met some ladies that wore the sashes so asked what they were from , they gave me details I applied sent a photo and letter and didn’t expect to hear back . I recieved an email from director and was told my application stood out due to how passionate I was regarding my platform.

So can you tell us about your platform and why you are so passionate about it ?

I am a survivor of many many years of domestic abuse my platform is DAVSS which is a charity called domestic abuse and violence support service. I have volunteered as helpline and case worker for about 4 years now since I graduated at Greenwich university with degree with honours in counselling and psychology.

Kimberly sharing her story in her local paper !

I told my story to my local paper and that I’m passionate regarding domestic abuse I did a campaign called smile with Kim to stop domestic abuse as no matter how bad it got I smiled for my children and hid behind how I was breaking inside really.

As well as being a survivor of domestic abuse you have also had some health struggles in the past too. Can you please tell us more about it if that’s ok ?

I had a gastric by pass, I then weighed 21 half stone but now 14 stone 6. I had to have the surgery due to my health.

It was very hard journey as 6 weeks after my surgery I had appendicitis’s too, so I have really been through it. It took while for me to heal and get on the mend but I did and I don’t regret it , this has made me feel more healthy and opened my eyes to things I want to do and achieve. I still have ongoing health issues and I’m currently in isolation for 12 weeks as I’m vulnerable.

Tell us about how your pageant system and why you chose it ?

The miss v sisters are so amazing they are there for each other and I’m never alone when I’m part of the sisterhood which is why I’m doing 2020 too. The ladies are so caring and loving and helpful I love being part of the system , my director Natalie is why I was accepted for a finalist place into the pageant in 2019 because she made me feel so welcomed and told her I have M.E and fibromyalgia at times am very poorly and I have other issues of health. She was very kind and built my confidence up so much she is my director but she is also been a good friend she supported me through my surgery all of Miss v ladies did.

So what have you been doing into the run up to the finals ?

I have been to an independent women’s day to support charity Pre-ddw we celebrated 10 yr anniversary this is my step mums charity she put together for women who are destined to nothing to help women in Africa and in England.

I’m on my second pageant this year I would be so proud to become queen especially as I have so many good ideas and campaigns I would love to do but I don’t know to much at minute , I want more practice at social media and experience In pageant but not been able to do much due to COVID 19 as alot of events have been cancelled. I am in isolation for 12 weeks due to me being vulnerable so can’t go out to end June roughly not very long to do much when finals in October it’s a shame as I did so much last year with Kent police and children’s enchanted day , I did a festival 12-12 locally raised money 4 different charities and volunteered a lot and loved dressing up all glamorous and going to events made me feel amazing and all pageant ladies are very kind and helpful nothing like when your stereotyped ladies are all slim etc can be nasty it’s not true they have all been very nice to me and caring and friendly that’s what I love about pageantry being part of something and Meeting all the lovely ladies along the way and having longtime friends too.

I finally just want to say when if I get crowned I will support my system and make them proud and want to make a difference in peoples lives and help as much as I can.

What is a Pageant role model to you ?

Very caring and understanding person that can support you and push you to reach your own achievements, elegant compassionate, knowledgeable of pageantry and a genuine person.

Well that’s certainly an incredible journey that you have been through and it’s lovely to see you competing in your system for a second year.

With regards to been restricted with events due to COVID 19 there are lots of online campaigns you can get involved with some involving taking a photo others involve a short video. I post my weekly lock down blog in which I post all the campaigns along with the creators details that you can get involved with.

Your story is incredibly moving I really do wish you all the best in your pageant journey so please keep me posted ! Much love Charlotte, Ms Diamond South Yorkshire 2020.

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