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Interview with Megan Jubb – Miss Teen Pageant Girl Nottingham

Firstly thank you so much for having this interview with me it’s great getting to know fellow pageant queens and learn more about the systems they represent.

So why did you decide to enter pageants ?

Originally I entered pageants as a confidence booster as it was something I really lacked and thought it would be a great way to gain it back. However, from competing in pageants I have noticed how much of a platform it gives you and the ability it gives you to promote things your passionate about and fundraise for causes close to your heart.

So this isn’t the first pageant you have competed in can you tell us more about your pageant journey so far ?

This is my first official title however I competed in charity pageants winning titles such as Miss Notts Beauty Teen Supreme and 13+ mini model supreme

I always loved watching Kim of queens and toddlers and tiaras growing up and so I originally started by competing in local charity pageants so I could see what it was all about. And I fell in love, from there I’ve now become a finalist in the Miss Teen Pageant Girl UK system and along the way I’ve been doing lots of fundraising for Mind UK and Footprints CEC as they are charities close to my heart as well as attending lots of appearances/online appearances and raising awareness for my chosen platform Invisible illnesses and disabilities.

What made you take the jump from charity pageants to the Pageant Girl System ?

I decided to compete in the new Pageant Girl UK system as I loved the whole idea of the be-you-tiful round as I think it’s so empowering and shows pageants aren’t all about the money spent on outfits . I also loved the idea of being one of the first to compete in this brand new system.

What have pageants taught you ?

One thing pageants have taught me is to love myself for the way I am. Pageants have provided me with so much more confidence and have helped me to learn how to be happy and confident in my own skin and really embrace myself for who I am.

Can you tell us about your pageant platform ?

My pageant platform is invisible illnesses and disabilities, this includes mental health. I chose this as having a cousin who has directly suffered from an invisible disability- cerebral palsy and seeing how much people suffer with mental health made me realise that we really need to take the invisibility cloak off of these illnesses and disabilities and the fact I’ve managed to raise awareness about these through projects like my video I created means the world to me.

So what’s your dream title ?

My dream title is Miss Teen Pageant Girl UK. This title is such a dream of mine and it would enable me to really go out there and spread my message and show girls that no matter what you’ve been through and what background you come from, you can achieve your goals.

What would winning Miss Teen Pageant Girl UK mean to you ?

Honestly, it’s so hard to put into words what winning would mean to me. Winning the title would be an absolute dream come true and I would use the title to the best of my ability, being a busy queen and really trying to achieve my end goal of taking the invisibility cloak off of invisible illnesses and disabilities and making one of my charities I support, Footprints , more widely known so they can receive more support.

What advice would you give to fellow pageant queens ?

The best advice is to just be you and I know this sounds so cliche but honestly , being you and just really knowing everything about yourself and being happy as you are will help you so much in pageant land.

What have you been doing in the lead up to the Miss Teen Pageant Girl Final ?

In the lead up to the final I have attended lots of appearances such as modelling in a charity fashion show, a pageant pyjama party, donating to local food banks and charity shops. However since lockdown started I have been joining in on lots of online campaigns and even doing my own campaign video. This video had girls suffering from all sorts of invisible illnesses and disabilities and they said what they suffer with, what this means they struggle to do but most importantly what they’ve achieved to show that what you suffer with doesn’t put limits on what you can achieve.

I know you have briefly mentioned how COVID19 has affected attending events as a Miss Teen Pageant Girl Finalist but can you tell us about more about how this has affected your pageant journey?

Lockdown has meant that I have been unable to attend all the appearances I had planned and also meant that I had to postpone my event which I was super excited for. However, I think lockdown has giving me an opportunity to really mentally prepare for the pageant and take time to really develop my platform, practice my interview and practice my walks.

What’s do you think makes a good pageant role model ?

In my opinion a good pageant role model is someone who is approachable, as pageant girls meet new people at events all the time and I think it’s so important that we are approachable . Overall a good role model is someone who tries there best, shows constant positivity and is always working hard to achieve their goals.

What’s your favourite pageant round ?

My favourite pageant round has always been fashion wear as I love the added sass and being able to show my personality. However, I have recently been getting super excited for interview and can’t wait to talk to the judges about everything I’ve been doing and why I am deserving of the title I dream of.

How do you deal with pageant nerves ?

To deal with pageant nerves I find it super helpful to talk to other girls and just let out everything that’s on my mind. As hard as it is, and I know it’s hard, I promise but just try and not be nervous, we are there to have fun, meet new people and show everyone what we can do, pageants are nothing to be nervous about and are the best experience you will ever have.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions it’s been great learning more about your pageant journey, I wish you all the best at the final. Much love Charlotte, Ms Diamond South Yorkshire 2020.

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