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Interview with Miss Caribbean U.K. 2020 Finalist – Tansy Daniel

Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions about your pageant journey for my pageant lockdown blog it’s lovely getting to know fellow pageant queens and more about the systems that they represent.

What made you enter pageants ?

Well, entering a pageant has been something that has been on my bucket list for a very long time and because I am always looking for new experiences , I believed that taking part in a pageant was a great way to develop my confidence and build up an amazing repertoire. I have also always been intrigued by pageantry and the hard-work done by participants in these competitions and so I thought to myself, what better way to gain an insight into what happens behind the scenes of a pageant than to compete in one.

What made you decide to compete in Miss Caribbean U.K. ?

I was surprised and proud to discover that there was a pageant that recognised the beauty of the Caribbean Islands . I decided to compete for the title of Miss Caribbean UK 2020 so that I could represent my family’s origins and bring awareness to the presence of the Caribbean community within the UK especially the smaller islands who sadly have little to no representation despite their positive contributions over many decades to British society. If I was to win Miss Caribbean UK I would become an ambassador who is able to positively promote the Caribbean and use my platform in order to take part in events.

What the best thing that pageants have taught you ?

The best thing that pageants have taught me is that beauty is more than skin deep. Realising all the hard-work that goes into pageantry and then deciding to compete in a pageant myself, has also increased my respect for all pageant queens who defy stereotypes and negative perceptions surrounding beauty pageants.

What’s your pageant platform and why ?

My pageant platform is raising cancer awareness and chosen charity is Cancer Research UK. I would like to bring awareness of the prevalence of cancer and its effects especially to those in my generation who may not believe that it is as common as it is. When looking for a charity that best supported my platform, I was surprised to discover that Cancer Research UK operates without government funding and therefore found it important to highlight their contributions to finding cures and treatments of cancer.

What’s your dream title ?

Miss Caribbean UK 2020

If you were to win, Miss Caribbean U.K. what would it mean to you ?

I would feel ecstatic if I won Miss Caribbean UK 2020 representing my country, St Vincent and the Grenadines. It would be an incredible achievement and honour to be able to represent my country in the best way possible and most importantly be a proud promoter of the Caribbean. I would love to be given an opportunity to become an example to other girls like me who are not used to seeing themselves represented in positions like this.

What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens ?

I would advise them to try their best and even if at first they do not succeed , the experiences and skills that they would have gained from participating will be beneficial in every aspect of their life and would remain with them for many years to come.

What have you been doing in the run up to the final of Miss Caribbean U.K. ?

Admittedly, I have been indulging in a little online shopping looking for a pageant gown as well as promoting my participation in Miss Caribbean UK on social media. I have also spent time binge watching past pageant competitions including Miss Caribbean UK 2019 and Miss World 2019 for inspiration and guidance so that I can prepare myself for the upcoming competition in the best way possible.

How has the lockdown due to COVID19 effected your pageant journey ?

Lockdown has definitely made my pageant journey a little more tricky but I have been trying my best to find ways to overcome it. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do all the activities that I wanted to do in order to support my chosen charity, or been able to meet up with any fellow contestants for events or even trying on dresses etc. However I have been making use of social media to make it a little easier.

What makes a good pageant role model ?

I think that a good pageant role model is someone that others can look up to and admire. I also believe that it is someone who is resilient, hardworking, humble and kind. These characteristics ensure that she is a positive representative for her system.

What round are you most looking forward to ?

As Miss Caribbean UK will be the first pageant that I have ever competed in, I haven’t experienced a favourite pageant round as yet. However knowing myself, I think I will enjoy the evening gown round the most as it will be really nice to see myself in such an elegant way.

How are you planning to deal with pageant nerves ?

I think it is important to realise that in whatever you do in life, you are not the only one. This is what I keep telling myself whenever I feel anxious or unsure about the upcoming finale.

How can we follow your journey ?

Instagram: tansydan18

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions about competing for the first time ! I wish you all the best at the final. Much love Charlotte, Ms Diamond South Yorkshire 2020.

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