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Interview with Mrs Diamond East Midlands 2020 – Siana Bryan

Thank you so much for agreeing to have this interview I’m loving getting to know my Diamond family !

So firstly what made you enter pageants ?

I have never really had a lot of confidence, and have been very conscious about my appearance and my posture. My Husband raises my confidence everyday and I thought it was time I start to develop my own confidence and throw myself into pageantry as it is always something I have wanted to try.

So have you competed before ?

I am very new to pageantry but have been excited by it from the outset. My first experience of pageant land was competing in the Miss Diamond South West heat at which I was crowned Mrs Diamond SW. I was unable to compete in the finals that year so I re entered Diamond this year and I am seeing it through to the end! I am also competing in the Warriors charity pageant, hopefully in august all being well.

What made you decide to compete in the Diamond system ?

I looked at a few different systems before entering Diamond just always stood out and was that one I always went back to. Diamond was just so inclusive and flexible. As a working mom of three young children I know there are a lot of requirements in some systems, I felt Diamond best suited me and allowed me to get involved at my own pace. After entering the heat I knew I had made the right decision, the directors Danni and Tina are just amazing! They really do welcome you like part of the family as do the other contestants and they are always on hand for support or a friendly chat.

What is the best thing that pageants have taught you ?

Pageants so far have taught me to be more accepting of myself and really put myself out there! I never would have got involved with so many things if it wasn’t for joining the Diamond system. From supporting online campaigns to furthering my outreach projects within Education and getting involved with completely new events. It really does give you the opportunity to get involved with so much and in such a supportive community.

What’s your pageant platform and why ?

Be proud of your scars – Being accepting of yourself both physically and mentally, I have large physical scars as a result of an intense spinal surgery I underwent as a result of Scheurmann’s Disease. I work closely with the schuermann’s disease groups and I am trying to bring more awareness of the disease to the UK.

Get where you want to be – As a lecturer teaching is something close to my heart, but I love getting involved in outreach projects and helping young people realise the opportunities available to them. I also support the Children’s University Programme where primary aged children get introduced to higher education at a young age to raise there aspirations and they even have mini graduation ceremonies! It’s amazing to be a part of such a fantastic institution.

What are your hobbies when your not being a pageant queen ?

Any time I do get free which isn’t much in-between fundraising, working and mommy duties I attend Pole fitness. I absolutely love this approach to fitness and the bonds I have made with other girls at the studio. It’s such a fun way to get fit and it really does build your confidence as well as your strength and flexibility. I have performed in student showcases and competed at the southern pole championships.

What have you been doing in the run up to the finals of Mrs Diamond U.K. ?

I have got involved with as many online campaigns and fundraisers as possible!

I was supporting events run throughout the Children’s University Programme including a mini olympics and the supporting of multiple graduation ceremonies for the little ones.

I started my own online campaign for ‘be proud of your scars’ to raise awareness for Scheurmann’s disease, and have been supported by the Scheurmann’s Disease Fund directors in America.

During lockdown I have arranged donations to support the Red Bag Co, who provide the homeless with essential items, hopefully we will have a nice donation to make when lockdown is over.

I have entered the Warriors charity pageant directed by Jessica Mary Logan. This is an amazing event that has been organised with the aims of raising awareness of invisible illnesses.

What’s your dream title ?

I would love to win Mrs Diamond and be able to represent the Uk internationally for the Mrs Regancy International title.

If you were to win what would it mean to you ?

It would be absolutely amazing not just to realise all the hard work had paid off but it would be the start of another journey. Being able to promote my platforms with the title of Mrs Diamond UK and extend my projects further working with the pageant community would mean the absolute world to me to have that support.

What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens ?

Don’t be afraid! This is what I was told at my first heat by some of the other contestants, I must have looked so nervous. I just wished I’d have not been so scared to allow me to walk more confidently but I was terrified 😂 The best advice I have is to relax and enjoy the experience it will definitely build your confidence if you let it.

What makes a good pageant role model ?

I personally think this comes down to the nature of the person. A good pageant role model is someone who not only promotes there platforms and gets involved with campaigns it goes beyond that. A good pageant role model is kind, approachable and makes time for a chat and helpful advice. I will never forget how friendly Our current Miss Diamond Curve Debbie Frew and her daughter and current finalist Hollie Rose were to me at my first heat it really does make all the difference and creates the supportive community we have.

What’s your favourite pageant round ?

Whilst I haven’t had a pageant interview round yet, my favourite I have done so far has to be evening. It’s such a beautiful elegant round and who doesn’t like to put on a princess gown!

How do you deal with pageant nerves ?

Not well! (I eat chocolate) 😂 This is something I am working on, I think how nervous you are really does show in your posture, stance and walk there’s some things that a smile on your face can’t hide. Practice makes perfect and whilst your still always going to get those flutters before walking out I think it’s important to remember your having fun, it should be a fun enjoyable experience don’t let your nerves take over. Pretend you’ve already won and walk out with confidence.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me I can’t wait to meet you at the final much love Charlotte Ms Diamond South Yorkshire

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