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Interview with Nkechi Okorie – Miss Seal Beach USA

Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions about your pageant journey for my pageant lockdown blog. It’s lovely getting to know fellow pageant queens and more about the systems that they represent.

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Nkechi Okorie, I’m 22 years old, Miss Seal Beach USA

What made you enter pageants ?

I originally entered pageantry to get out of my comfort zone. I’m not one to wear makeup every day and devote to much time in my appearance. I wanted to be more feminine, and work on my physical appearance. But as time went on, and I got more involved in pageantry I noticed that there is more to pageantry. So now I’m competing in pageants to get a spotlight and make a difference within my community. I’m using pageantry as a platform to reach more people and grow my nonprofit.

Can you tell us about your pageant journey so far ?

My first pageant was earlier this year on January 26, 2020, I was Miss Victorville USA. It was super fun and very fulfilling. I reached my goal and I got involved with my community just like I planned to. When it was over I felt like I needed to continue, I feel as if my job is not done and I should keep pushing myself to achieve goals that use to be dreams. Doing so I have been able to push forward with my nonprofit.

What made you decide to compete in the Miss USA System ?

I chose the Miss USA System because it aligns with my values, and the queens that are made from this system goes on to do amazing things in life. I plan to leave a mark on the world, So I need a great Organization to back me up.

What the best thing that pageants have taught you ?

Pageantry has taught me to embrace who I am, never let go of my true values, I have been able to understand and center myself with my true values. Realizing that it’s about being your five star best. Understanding, that its doesn’t matter if some people don’t like you, what matters is that you are ok with it. I could say that I have Also it has allowed me to build my confidents and realize its not all about the crown. The art of giving, and last but not least being a woman is a gift from god not a cures.

What’s your pageant platform and why ?

My legacy project is my non-profit. It focuses on helping at- risk children in Los Angeles low income communities manifest their dreams and goals.

What’s your dream title ?

Miss USA

If you won your dream title of Miss USA what would it mean to you ?

Winning my title would mean that I have reached a checkpoint, I can now move on to the next milestone which is making a difference at a greater scale. Reaching more people and shining a spotlight on those issues.

What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant queens ?

Understanding that the crown does not define you. Know that you can reach your goals and still not win the title. Know that you only fail when you quit.

What have you been doing in the run up to your pageant final ?

I have been developing my nonprofit. Getting things going, raising money and networking with people in the community. I have also been reaching out to at-risk children, providing assistance where I can. Last but not least, I have been pushing myself to perform at my five star best.

What’s your favourite ever appearance ?

My favorite appearance was when I taught a course for the Black Girl Code organization. I was very fulfilling day because I was able to watch these little girls mind develop right before my eyes.

How has the lockdown due to Covid19 affected your pageant journey ?

It has reduced the amount of physical appearances I have participated in, but I have been able to focus on further developing my non-profit organization.

What makes a good pageant role model ?

I think a good pageant role model is someone who knows themselves inside and out. Someone who is ok with others not accepting them for who they are. Being able to make an impact before and after their reign. Also, someone how helps out their fellow pageant sisters.

What’s your favorite pageant round ?

I really enjoy the interview round, because there is so much suspense to meet the judges and once you finally do its an amazing experience. Also because I like talking to people.

How do to deal with pageant nerves ?

I remind myself why I’m doing this pageant in first place, how many lives I will change, and what would happen if I don’t push myself to achieve this goal.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions it’s been lovely getting to know you and more about your platform. I wish you all the best at your pageant final. Much Love Charlotte Ms Diamond South Yorkshire 2020.

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