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Interview with Pure International Miss Scotland – Abby Louise Roberts

Firstly thank you for agreeing to the interview ! Let’s start with what made you enter pageants in the first place ?

I went along with a friend to watch her compete and I instantly fell in love and wanted to be on that stage! So I did it and I’ve been hooked ever since

So tell us about your pageant journey so far, what have you competed in before ?

I did several charity pageants to start with, 7 years ago, and then did face of and then miss inspiration. Leading on from that I did pure UK 2019 and fell in love with the system and competed again in 2020 where I won my current title.

What made me compete in Pure UK ?

I met jayne through a charity pageant she was hosting and we got chatting about her system and I loved the ethos and signed up instantly, I then competed in 2019 and although I didn’t place, I won miss congeniality and best portfolio, I met some amazing friends and re connected with and old friend it made a huge IMPACT on me. It’s a very family orientated pageant and this is exactly what I look for when I compete. It’s also the pageant that has the chosen charity that is close to my heart – The Salvation Army. I felt it was right to choose Pure UK as my chosen system.

Abby’s crowning moment !

What’s the best thing pageants have taught you ?

To be myself, to not follow others and enjoy the moments made.

What’s your pageant platform and why?

Raising awareness for cancer research and the homeless – a close family member of mine was sadly diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to do everything I could to raise awareness and money to the amazing charity, cancer research. I also became homeless on two occasions a few years back and this is really impacted me and how my life is now, and I want to try and help others going through or have been through the same.

What is your dream title ?

My current title is my dream, to be able to represent my heritage is something I’m so proud and honoured to do. Now my next dream is to win at internationals.

What would it mean to you if you were to win at the international ?

If I were to win (internationals) It would mean the world to me, and my family. I could use the title to help my platform grow, gain other girls and allow them to follow their dreams and show that it is possible if you just believe. I would also continue to raise funds for both charities, and hopefully reach out into the community further and support those that need.

What’s the best advice you have for fellow pageant girls ?

Be yourself, I know it’s used a lot and it sound so cliche but honestly it works! For years I was changing into the “perfect pageant girl” even though there is no such thing! Being myself and owning that has really made me grow as a person and lead me to win my current title.

What have you been doing for the run up (Internationals) ?

I have been sourcing outfits, checking in on my sister queens during this time, doing online raffles, appearances and campaigns. I have also been doing photo comps and little pageant chats on my Instagram for IGTV. Along with practicing my walk, interview and helping other finalists.

What makes a good pageant role model?

Someone that is kind from within, and puts others before themselves. For myself, Natasha Neckles will and always has been my role model! She’s a mother and pageant girl and she devotes so much time to others, and is doing a phenomenal job as a mother… and as a mother myself, I can relate!

What is your favourite pageant round ?

I love fashion wear because it’s sassy and fun! However, evening wear would have to be my most favourite with the gorgeous gowns and grace on the stage.

How do you deal with pageant nerves ?

It helps me by having the other contestants around me, making sure they are all okay and fixing their dresses / hair etc if needed. It calms me by helping others. I also remember to live in the moment and not to overthink it all.

It’s been lovely reading your pageant journey and I love the fact that you went back to Pure UK the following year to compete again and WON ! It shows that determination really does pay off ! I’m excited to see you represent Scotland on the international stage ! Huge good luck much love Charlotte, Ms Diamond South Yorkshire 2020

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