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Jessica Adele Miss Solihull International educating the future generation on sexual health

My name is Jessica Adele ford, proudly your Miss Solihull International. I would like to thank the Pageant Girl UK organisation for giving me the opportunity to use my title to create my pageant platform ‘Vibe.’

As a young woman passionate about cheering all women, I have created my new blog and website ‘Vibe’ hand in hand with gynaecologist Doctor Poonam Pradhan. Together, we aim to educate the future generation of young women on sexual health and wellbeing.

Our journey began during my first smear test, which is a test used to prevent cervical cancer and all women aged between 25-64 should go to their appointment! Anyway, I digress, Dr Pradhan and I put the world to rights, discussing issues surrounding body image and sex, the lack of education about our bodies and the shame surrounding sex. We decided something needed to change! I began talking to women from different ethnicities, backgrounds and ages. When asked about their sex education, how they feel about sex and their bodies, the response from all the groups of women was the same, people felt they were ill-educated on sex and how their bodies work. Another issue highlighted was people feeling a degree of shame for not wanting sex, wanting sex and everything in-between; it seemed no one felt comfortable talking about their sexuality and sexual wellbeing.

Through the safe space, 'Vibe' creates, we will tackle these issues head-on to no longer feel embarrassed when we go to the doctor for a sexual health screen or when our period blood leaks. I think it is about time we as society took ownership and corrected our own unrealistic body image standards society has set.

Besides education, I want to share my own experiences with sex, relationships, sexual assault and body image to empower myself and everyone else. We will be featuring guests who specialize in various areas of sexual wellbeing, so watch the space!

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