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Love Your Lungs Week Interview with Sarah-Jane Face of Europe & the World Northern Ireland Finalist

Love Your Lungs Week is an initiative started by the British Lung Foundation, to raise awareness and focus on lung health The British Lung Foundation is a UK registered charity that concerns itself with the nation’s lungs. Its aim is to bring about a day when everyone can breath clean air with lungs that are healthy. As part of my Eco Pageants Journey my platform is Climate Change and Cancer the 2 Big C's which is how Climate Change affects Cancer after some research there is a link between how unsafe levels of air pollution can cause health conditions such as asthma, COPD and even lung cancer.

For those that don’t know Fine particulate matter is in pollutants like car fumes and fumes from burning fossil fuels (which we already know are destroying our eco system) can enter the body as we breathe and wake up dormant lung cells in a way that causes them to become cancerous as well as causing other lung conditions so over the course of Love Your Lungs Week I'm interviewing pageant queens and finalists to help raise awareness of there lung conditions and how climate change impacts lung conditions.

My next interview is with Interview with Sarah-Jane - Face of Europe and the

World Northern Ireland - Finalist talking about Asthma.

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