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Make up Master Class with UK's National Ms Cambridge

On Saturday night myself, Charlotte Lister the creator of Crowns and Sashes Magazine and the current Ms Diamond South Yorkshire and our the Hostess with the Mostess Natasha Streatfield who is the current Mrs Suffolk Atlantic attended a Makeup Master Class which was arranged by UK's National Ms Cambridge Soraya Gucci Luz in aid of Cancer Research UK.

The even raised over £600 which is a huge amount that will allow Cancer Research UK to continue with their research into finding new treatments to help battle cancer.

The class was full of tips and tricks to make sure that you enhance your own features using make up.

The main tips I want to highlight for you all are

  • Make sure that you always use clean sponges and brushes as this will help prevent infections and break outs

  • Practice your make up looks so you know what looks good on you

  • Invest in beauty blenders as they are everything you need

  • Don't use thick black strip lashes unless you are on stage, for day use thin stripe fully lashes as they look more natural

  • Use a primer as this can help your make up look more flawless

  • Make sure that you have a good skin care routine in place as it will not only help make applying make up easier but also make it look better, when you are getting ready for your pageant make sure this is in place a minimum of 3 months before you compete if you are not already doing it which you should be !

  • Use eye cream before applying make up but please be gentle when doing so, the best way to apply eye cream is with you ring finger this will stop you using too much pressure and damaging the skin around the eye

  • A good tip when we are on stage is to mix your moisturiser with a couple of drops of highlighter and apply to not only your face but also your neck and ears

  • When using foundation for a photoshoot or on stage at a pageant make sure it doesn't give a flashback (test this at home)

  • Never sleep in make up

There were so many tips and tricks that were covered so my best advice is to ask Soraya to hold another master class so if you are doing your own pageant make up then you have the best tools at your disposal. Even if you are paying for a MUA then these tips and tricks will come in handy for when you are doing your own appearances.

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