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Meet our new team member - Sarah Lane - Pageant Agony Aunt

Please welcome our newest team member Sarah Lane UK's National Classic Ms Newcastle. Sarah will be answering your questions each month in the magazine, to submit a question please go to her instagram @pageantmommalane and hit the link in her bio. All questions will be kept confidential.

For those that don't know Sarah here her bio !

Sarah has been involved in pageants since 2012 as the mum of one of U.K. and Europe’s most successful beauty queens, Harriotte Lane. Her pageant mum experience in all age groups has been rounded off by entering UKs National Miss in the Classic division this year. Sarah will be sharing her experience, advice and momma Lane hugs on our new ‘Agony Aunt’ page, where she will be answering you pageant and personal dilemmas anonymously.

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