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Meet our Social Media Queen Taylor Robshaw - Miss South Yorkshire Galaxy

Intro- About me

Hi I'm the Crowns and Sashes new social media queen Taylor Miss South Yorkshire galaxy, I am so excited to work with the other amazing girls involved in making this brilliant magazine for such an important charity.

My Pageant journey

My pageant journey started in the first lockdown, I had realised my confidence and motivation to do anything had dropped and I wanted to do something about it. I had been browsing social media and saw an advertisement for The Galaxy Pageant System and I thought this would be exactly what I needed to grow my confidence and to push myself out of my comfort zone. That was the start of a stunning experience that I will never forget. Through my journey as a finalist, I have accomplished amazing things that I am beyond proud of from volunteering in my local community, raising money for charity and taking part in campaigns with paramount causes' have been given some opportunity's that I am beyond grateful for, being interviewed by the Wonderful Hannah Golding for Sparkles and Rhinestones, to raise awareness for my platform and so much more

Pageant platform - Princess perspective on all platforms

My platform is mental health awareness and ending the stigma around it, mental health has always been such a vital topic that is close to my heart due to my childhood best friend suffering with her mental health and not having access to the support that she needed. To raise awareness for this prevalent cause I started the Princess Perspective Podcast and Website. The Podcast is available on Spotify, is centred around supporting people suffering with mental health and educating people around the topic. My website is focused around educating people with a lot of information around mental health and also actively inciting change with a whole page dedicated to petitions to have more mental health education in schools as 50% of mental illnesses are established by the age of 15. You can also get involved in my online campaign the PrincessPsmile challenge, to get involved post a picture/ video of what makes you happy or your tips for people having a bad day using the hashtag and tagging 5 people to get involved to.

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