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My Platform for Alzheimer’s by Natasha Streatfield Mrs Suffolk Atlantic

I thought long & hard about my platform & thought I wonder how much people understand around Alzheimer’s, it can be misunderstood for someone just being grumpy, forgetful, to thinking they are ignoring me, but then I also thought about when someone is diagnosed & the impact it has on everyone around that person, naturally we start to treat the person differently & talk differently to them but they need normality they still want to do the gardening, listen to the same music, chat about the same things they always have, go shopping, continue with the hobbies that they have enjoyed, you just might need to adapt things slightly, just because someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s please just treat them the same as before so they can enjoy as much time as they have doing what’s they have always loved, so I came up with #IAMME, campaign is to remind people to treat someone with Alzheimer’s with dignity, respect & to treat them the same & watch & listen to them as their Alzheimer’s progresses, I am me is words made up from the word Alzheimer’s.

I am overwhelmed with the response from people wanting to take part so far thank you all so much Alzheimer’s is so close to my heart & the support everyone has shown has been amazing, I am going to continue with #IAMME & see where it leads to💙

Here’s just a few people that have taken part so far

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