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Our editor Charlotte Lister - Ms Diamond South Yorkshire had a Pageant Land Interview

Last week our editor was invited to have a live interview with Pageant Land ! Charlotte was invited by Mrs Somerset Galaxy - Dionne John to talk all things pageants, her journey with the Miss Diamond Pageant and of course Crowns and Sashes Magazine.

Here's a little behind the scenes photo !

For those that don't know Pageant Land goes live every Thursday at 7.30pm on the Queens table where they interview pageant queens from across the UK.

This was a great opportunity for Charlotte to inform the pageant community on what she has been up to over the last 2 years of being Ms Diamond South Yorkshire as her regional reign was extended due to the pandemic. Charlotte will be competing for the Ms Diamond UK title in August (covid restrictions pending) for more information about the Miss Diamond UK system then please go to there website which is

Whether you are new to the UK Pageant scene or have been involved for years then you should look up Pageant Land as they are the home for all things relating to the UK beauty pageant industry. Pageant Land are passionate about pageantry and believe it offers women an amazing skill set that is needed in today's society. The Pageant Land mission is to support and encourage growth within UK pageant contestants and the UK pageant industry as a whole.

Pageant Land Links

Talking of YouTube our editors interview is now live so go check it out and don't forget to like and subscribe !

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