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Packing Tips


Competition Wardrobe


Use a dress bag for each round so for me it’s interview, opening, fashion and formal. It’s best to have them in the correct order you need them in and then label them with your name, title, and the round. 

Inside put your shoes at the bottom in another bag and a smaller Ziplock (also labelled) with jewellery and hair accessories that you will be needing. Whether you have a Make-up artist and hair stylist or not make a note in the smaller bag of how you want your hair and make-up so you don’t forget 


• Interview outfit

• Rehearsal outfit

• Opening round outfit

• Fashion wear

• Formal Wear

• Any other stage outfit

• Stage shoes

• Interview Shoes



Rehearsal and Hotel outfits


• PJs or loungewear (warm and cool options)

• Slippers if you wear them

• Extra Socks and Underwear (Thong and normal pants plus if you’re like me Spanx ) 

• Bras: Strapless, Stick On, normal and t shirt bra

• Rehearsal Outfits (Including Leggings, Shorts, Tees and comfy shoes such as flip flops or pumps to put on after rehearsals

• Sweatshirt or cardigan (even if it’s warm outside, air conditioning will make it cooler inside)


Hair Checklist


• Hair Straightener

• Curling Iron

• Hot Rollers

• Bobby Pins/hair grips (seriously, just buy a new pack as you will need them and I guarantee someone will need some)

• Comb/Teasing Comb

• Hair Spray

• Dry Shampoo

• Shampoo, conditioner and serum if staying more than one night

• Scrunchies




• Makeup Sponges/Cotton Balls and I use cotton buds (the ones you clean your ears with to help put on eyelashes)

• Portable Mirror (just in case there isn’t many available)

• Makeup Kit with extras

• Day cream and eye cream plus serum if you use it

• Primer or priming tissue masks

• Foundation take your normal shade and a darker shade of you have or having a spray tan or using any fake tan products remember your face needs to match the rest of you !

• Concealer make sure this is only one or two shades lighter than you would use for your foundation

• Contouring kit

• Mascara

• Fake lashes a day pair and a stage pair

• Eyeshadow palette make sure you have all the colours you need

• Highlighter for interview only not for on stage as it can look funny

• Fake eyelash glue x2 encase you lose one

• Fixing powder and or baking powder

• Eye/Brow Liners If you use them 

• Eye Brow Gel if you use it 

• Eyeliner pencil or liquid or both 

• Lip liner A shade darker than your lip stick 

• Lip Stick I always wear nude but a shade darker than normal

• Lip gloss

• Blush

• Brushes

• Fixing spray

• Makeup Remover Pads or wipes

• Face Tissue masks for after the pageant to keep your skin bright

• Matte Bronzer/Tanner for Spray Tan mistakes

• Body Lotion




• Toothbrush/Tooth Paste/Mouthwash

• Shampoo/Conditioner (don’t risk hotel toiletries you never know if your hair will hate it)

• Razors/Tweezers/waxing strips

• Heat spray for your hair

• Contacts/Solution/glasses

• Deodorant (stick and spray)

• Face Wash

• Body Wash

• Lotion (one bottle for competition, one for at the hotel)

• Sunscreen if you do outside for a photo shoot you don’t want to be burnt

• Hair Brush

• Blow Dryer

• Hair Bobbles

• Tampons/Panty Liners (Regardless of cycle you never know stress can cause us to be irregular)

• Nail Polish (Clear/White/Nude) and Remover Just encase we have a nail emergency 

• Baby Wipes

• Night cream And night serum if you use it ! 

• Foot Masks/ Hand Masks / Face Masks

• Shower cap encase you don’t want to wash or get your hair wet !


Relaxation Station


• Book/Magazines

• Journal/pens

• Headphones

• Colouring Book/Crayons

• First Aid (paracetamol, plasters)

• Birth Control Pills

• Empty Bag for dirty washing 

• Phone/Tablet/Laptop Chargers

• Sewing Kit (with safety pins!)

• Double sided tape/Duct Tape

• Lint Roller

• Garment Steamer if you have one !

• Sunglasses

• Extension Cords, phone charger, power bank

• Small Blanket

• Healthy Snacks- Fruit, Water, Cereal Bars, dried fruit

• Reusable water bottle


Other items

• Appearance folder if needed

• Presents for previous queens

• Raffle prize

• Current Sash

• Camera unless just using your phone

• Interview notes so you can read over them

• Pageant planner if you use one

Much Love Ms Diamond U.K.

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