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Volunteers Week Interview with Abby Roberts Miss Pure International National Queen Scotland

Hi I’m Abby your Miss Pure International national queen Scotland. I won my title in 2020 and I handover this June, with a very exciting announcement on the way…

Why did you start volunteering?

I’ve always wanted to volunteer my time towards a project, it’s something that’s important to me and being able to get stuck in within the community. The atmosphere is incredible, having people who genuinely want to be there and to help others is such a warm feeling. I think a lot of the time we are trapped in day - day jobs and the system. It’s nice to be able to use the down time for something that is going to be able to give the community a chance to get involved with growing plants, food and having a safe space.

What do you do volunteer wise?

I help with any jobs that are needed on the allotment. Whether that be tidying up the flower beds or spreading more awareness of the project to get more volunteers. The vision for the project is to have a craft / activity shed for the little ones, being able to watch and grow your own seeds / food, having a safe space to come to and unwind. It’s really something special.

What’s the best bit about volunteering?

Being able to see the progress is amazing. Knowing that it started off as an idea and turns into reality! It’s super rewarding and it puts a smile on all the staff that volunteer, brings us all together.

Future plans for volunteering?

Since Covid had prevented volunteers to continue with their work, I plan to get back to it as soon as it’s safe to do so. I plan to get a team together of more people willing to give their time to help the cause. After all, many hands are better than one!

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