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Volunteers Week Interview With Ms Diamond South Yorkshire - Charlotte Lister.

Introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Charlotte Lister I’m the current Ms Diamond South Yorkshire & creator of Crowns and Sashes Magazine. I also volunteer at my local children’s hospice to develop my pageant platform of Cancer Awareness and End of Life Care.

Why did you start volunteering?

I started volunteering at the hospice many years ago after completing a fun run. I loved what the charity did and wanted to help more in anyway that I could.

What do you do volunteer wise?

I have done a wide range of volunteer work for them from bucket collections, fun runs, cheque collections, selling raffle tickets and also official cheque presentations.

What’s the best bit about volunteering?

I love helping to raise awareness and funds for the hospice as it is given no government funding.

Future plans for volunteering?

Once covid restrictions ease I’m hoping to continue my volunteering work with them as much as possible. I am signed up for the Mud Madness event later on in the year though.

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