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Volunteers Week Interview with Young European International Classic Ms East Sussex - Maxine Assanah

My name is Maxine Assanah and I am your Young European International Classic Ms East Sussex.

As my mum became older, she began to need more help. Not just around the house but getting shopping and going to and fro to appointments etc. It was hard as I lived 60 miles away but being the only child, it had to be done. My mum passed 3 years ago but I remember those times fondly and the fun and laughs we had. I realised that there are so many elderly people who do not have anyone to assist them and so I began volunteering for Age UK East Sussex.

I am part of the Take Home & Settle Team (in conjunction with MacMillan Cancer Support). Once the person returns home from hospital, usually after an operation, I visit once a week for 12 weeks. I will help with shopping, cleaning, making beds, taking them to appointments, take them for walks and sometimes (when COVID wasn’t a thing) just hold their hand as some are terminally ill.

The best bit about volunteering is meeting people. They all have stories to tell and being a lover of history, I’m all ears. It is such a great feeling giving to those who have created pathways for us. It makes my heart smile to see the sparkle in their eye when you speak to them or do something for them, as some of them are alone and enjoy the company.

My future plans for volunteering is to join the befriending team and to continue with what I do already.

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